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Hybrid 8th International Annual October Conference on Education and Lifelong Learning (2022)

 6th – 7th October 2022


During the last two years, the world has experienced unusual changes due to Covid-19 pandemic that had led to temporary closures of institutions. However, the situation has improved and there is gradual resumption to normalcy in many parts of the world. This notwithstanding, lessons learnt from the experience have ignited divergent expectations on the role of education and over and above, how it can build fortification for unforeseen eventualities. This is expected to be achieved through the development of a holistic education in all levels of learning as a prerequisite to realization of sustainable development. In this regard, the School of Education 8 th Annual International Conference seeks to provide a forum for scholarly discourse based on empirical and theoretical perspectives of education in reference to green education, millennial learners, equity, teacher training, technical and vocational education, and contemporary pedagogies. Principally, the core intent of this conference is to provide opportunities for scholars, researchers and practitioners to deliberate on how to optimize holistic education in order to achieve the various targets for Sustainable Development Goals that are expected to expire in less than ten years. This conference will be preceded by Celebrations and other activities to mark the World Teachers’ Day on 5th October 2022