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9th International Annual October Conference on Education and Lifelong Learning (2023)

 3rd – 4th October 2023


Globalization and the rapid technological advancement have created immeasurable opportunities for humanity. The benefits notwithstanding, there are inevitable challenges that must be addressed for optimal benefits to be achieved. Considering the role of education in the far-reaching changes, the need for refocusing various crucial aspects cannot be overstated. There is therefore, calls for researchers and educationists to share knowledge, technology, social values and behavioral norms that encompass the diversities of global citizenship. This will not only address the current issues, but also propel the society towards sustainable economies and the envisaged continuous development. In this regard, the 9th International Annual School of Education and Lifelong Learning Conference seeks to provide a forum for dissemination of scholarly knowledge and promote discussions with reference to educational reforms; diversification of education; and provision of education for sustainable development and humanistic education. The forum will also focus on educational inclusivity; equality and equity in education; teaching and teacher education; technology and emerging issues in education. The main aim of this conference is to provide an opportunity for scholars, researchers and practitioners to reflect on refocusing education in the globalized society. This will not only provide evidence that can influence education policy, but also promote a just, secure and sustainable world, now and in the times ahead .